Back in 2017, the road-tax laws changed, meaning that drivers will now pay a fixed amount regardless of how much carbon dioxide (CO2) their cars emit, as opposed to the way things were in the past when the road tax would increase based on CO2 emissions. Now, when you factor in that smart cars essentially emit very little or no CO2 whatsoever, the upshot is that smart cars are pretty much zero road-tax vehicles, making them even more enticing to customers beyond their smart capabilities and the benefits they bring to the environment. This all makes smart cars more appealing than ever before, and so we’ve picked out a few such examples here.

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We begin with the Smart Fortwo Coupe. This is an ideal car when it comes to boosting the environment and minimising any fuel emissions, and it’s a recent model, coming with a 2015 registration. It comes in a striking black bodywork, and the car as a whole is sleek and cosy. It has a 999 engine, and it has driven only 17,000 miles to date, which is pretty low for a car that is now three years old. Running on petrol with automatic transmission, this car comes in at only £40 per week, a cracking price, and it’s even better when you factor in the zero road-tax, meaning that this is all that you will be paying.


Next up, we take a look at another 2015 registration version of the Smart Fortwo Coupe. It’s the same as the car we have just covered, except that it comes in a more colourful orange bodywork, and it has 19,000 miles on the clock so far. The only other major difference is that the car operates on manual transmission, but otherwise the vehicle is pretty much the same, and it certainly delivers the same high-quality driving experience and the same, feature-packed smart capabilities. It also comes at a lower price, as it will set you back only £35 per week for you to add this to your collection.


We’ll finish off with a slightly older, and slightly different, smart vehicle. The Smart Fortwo Cabrio is even sleeker on the exterior when it comes to the doors – though rest assured that it can pack a lot into a small package! – and it comes in a strong silver bodywork. This is a 2012 registration vehicle, and it has a mileage of 36,000 right now. Also coming with a 999 engine, and running on petrol with automatic transmission, this represents a truly amazing deal for smart car lovers, as it is available for just £29 per week. We also have a 2008 registration Smart Fortwo Cabrio for a truly staggering £21 per week, which you can read more about in our recent blog on cheap car finance deals.

As you can see, smart cars are in great demand right now, with their smart make-ups and low prices enhanced further by the fact that you won’t have to pay any road tax when driving them, all of which makes it the perfect time to check out these smart car finance deals. You can take a further look on our selection of great car finance deals right now for smart cars, and can also check further about our smart cars finance deals here. Over 95% of our stock can be acquired on a no deposit finance deal with unbeatable low rates.

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