The question is often asked: when is the best time to buy a car? But are you talking about the time of the year, the time within your driving career, the time within your life as a whole, the time within the automotive calendar? Actually, the question can concern all of the above, and we’ll now delve into each part here.

Starting with the time of the year, you have spring, summer, autumn and winter. Now, winter brings about some very tough road conditions (as we outlined in a recent blog), but it can also lead to some great offers on vehicles for that very reason, and of course, the period includes festive season of Christmas and New year. Summertime may be the best time to be driving around in terms of weather and road surfaces, but you’ll be joined on the road by a whole bunch of other drivers with the same idea. Spring and autumn are largely a blend of the two, so each season has its own pros and cons as to whether now is the time to buy your car.

It will also depend on where you are at within your driving. If you’ve just passed your test, you may wish to get behind the wheel as soon as possible. But others prefer to take a rest, survey the landscape, practice in a friend or relative’s vehicle to keep their skills on par and then decide to get their car. But if you’ve been driving for many years, then the decision will be easier to make because you’ve been there before, and if you happen to be checking out those on offer, you’re more likely to make a quick purchase decision.

But it will also depend on where you are at within your life. If you’re young and full of energy, you may feel that you want a car ASAP. If you’re a little older and more willing to take your time and get the best offer, then you won’t go out and buy the first car that you see. And if you’re more mature and more patient, then you could take months before deciding what car is right for you. Perhaps it’s not just about you: maybe your partner, your kids, your parents, or another important person in your life will dictate when a decision should be made, as well as the start (or even the end) of a job that could require increased travel. Add to that how your finances are, and whether you’re happy where you are living or if you’re planning to move in the near future, and all of these factors will decide whether the time to buy a car is now, next week, next month or a long way off. You can always apply for car finance to reduce that burden as accept offer 6 months deferred payment so you have plenty of time to adjust.

And then there’s the automotive calendar. In this case, we’re not just talking about when the best discounts are being provided, but also when interest for specific ranges is at a high, or even a low, point. For example, when a new car model is launched, die-hards want to be the first to own the new vehicle. But it could lead you to change course slightly and opt for the slightly older version that has suddenly become previous-gen. On the other hand, a new model could trigger a competitor to lower its prices on their best-selling range, thus leading to a significant saving. And then there’s the time of the year as a whole and how this impacts car sales: sporty sales generally have a summery vibe, so the colder weather may not be the best time to start driving a car that is all flash and style … which makes it the best time to shop around for such a motor, since the manufacturers may be inclined to drop the prices in order to increase sales.

So, there are many different factors which will decide when the best time is to buy a car. Everybody is different, and everybody’s situation is different, but by taking these points into account and applying them to your circumstances, you should be able to decide when is best for you to buy your first, or next, car.

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