Car finance is an ideal solution for young drivers looking to purchase their first car. Because they probably won’t have enough money saved to buy a decent car in a one-off payment, car finance allows them to pay for a car in smaller monthly instalments. This way, you are not only buying a better make of vehicle; you are buying one in a way that is far more financially efficient.

However, while most vehicles will be in excellent condition, it is very important that young drivers test the car they want to buy. It gives you a feel for the car’s performance and an opportunity to ensure its features are working adequately. Young drivers who have just passed their test, looking to buy their first ever car, will probably not have car insurance in place though. Does that complicate test-driving a vehicle before you buy it with car finance?

When you test drive a car, you should be covered by the dealer’s insurance, meaning you do not require one of your own. You may be asked to fill out a form before driving the car to guarantee that you are covered. The only thing required to do this is your driver’s licence. Be aware, however, that there will be heavy excesses on their insurance plan. In short: try your very best not to crash when you are test driving the car.

It should not matter whether you own a provisional licence or a full licence when you go to test drive a car. However, as with driving lessons, a driver who is over 21 years of age and has held a licence for at least three years must accompany you. They should also be sat in the front passenger seat, L-plates must be displayed and, of course, stay away from the motorways.