Have you ever been to a car showroom where you have checked out all of the vehicles one-by-one and, as part of the process of seeing what the cars have got to offer, a member of staff will take you for a drive to experience what it is like to be in that particular model? Well, are you aware that even if you say “yes, I want this car”, the chances are high that the version you actually end up with will be different? It doesn’t make a great amount of difference from a driving perspective, but if you are aware of this information, you could use it to your advantage to ensure the best possible deal for yourself. Hence why we are today talking about the potential to buy an ex-demonstrator car.

What Is An Ex-Demonstrator Car?

What Is An Ex-Demonstrator Car

As you have probably already guessed, then, an ex-demonstrator car on finance is a vehicle which has already been used as part of a demonstration when a potential customer is trying out the car and getting to grips with what it would be like to sit behind the wheel of that type of vehicle, but in this case, it would be relating to that exact model. Something you have to remember is that an ex-demonstrator car is often used for relatively modest drives, so don’t expect to leave the city as part of a test drive, for example; however, when you think about how many people may have bought that vehicle, and how old the car might be by this stage, the chances are fairly high that the ex-demonstrator car will have racked up hundreds, thousands and maybe even tens of thousands of miles. After all, it is owned by the showroom with the purpose of offering practice journeys, sometimes in challenging weather and road conditions, and over a long stretch of time, the vehicle will have clocked up a lot of time away from the showroom. Therefore, at this stage, the ex-demonstrator car is no different from any other second-hand car on the market, except that it is specifically owned and used by those that are selling vehicles to drivers. And you should also not be surprised to discover that the ex-demonstrator car might have some scratches and bumps, because why would the dealership bother to get it fixed if it is used solely for their own purposes, whereby the car just needs to get from A to B safely? Therefore, there is no point in getting the used vehicle remedied, and so it is not only well-worn, but it is also not in the best physical condition either … which is where you can benefit.

How Much Could I Save Over A New Car?

ex demo cars-how much could you save over a new car

Indeed, the ex-demonstrator vehicle is more experienced, encountered more wear and tear, and possibly encountered a fair few problems (some of which may need to be seriously considered), so generally speaking, this particular version of the range is certainly not new, fresh and sparkling. As a result, you could save a lot of money on an ex-demonstrator vehicle over a brand new model. Sometimes, that difference is fairly low (since it ultimately depends on just how much the ex-demo vehicle has been used, because it’s possible that its usage and mileage are not particularly significant), in which case you might be best opting for a totally new car, but it is usually the case that you can save a few thousand pounds, especially on a bigger-name brand, by choosing to go with an ex-demo vehicle. Ultimately, the more that the ex-demo vehicle has been used, the more money that you will save. We have to mention, however, that an ex-demonstrator car is not always made available for purchase, and those that are listed as being for sale tend to be older models, so if you are hoping for an ex-demo alternative of the current market leader, you may be disappointed. In saying that, each showroom will have different ex-demo cars available, and there is certainly no harm in asking whether an ex-demo model happens to be a possibility, because you may be pleasantly surprised with the answer (hence the philosophy of “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”).

Can I Bargain On Price?

You can certainly attempt to negotiate a more suitable price for an ex-demonstrator car, but only to a particular point. Again, it comes down to how much the ex-demo vehicle has been used, since its time on the road, its mileage, its potentially noticeable signs of wear and tear and similar factors are all going to contribute to the car’s price. The best course of action is to have a set figure in mind, and if the ex-demo car only exceeds that amount by a few hundred pounds, there is a chance that the dealership might be willing to drop the price a tad, but if the difference between what you wish to pay and what they are charging for an ex-demo car is in the four figures, then you may not get much of a bargain. Conversely, you may be blown away by how low they are willing to sell their ex-demo vehicle for, (bear in mind that the dealers would rather get rid of these vehicles, providing additional negotiation room) and your decision is made right there and then.


Ex-demonstrator cars are not discussed as much as they should be, especially for those who just want to buy a car that gets them to and from work and home every day, and also for those who are more than happy to buy a second-hand model as a way of saving money. But it is an option that is well worth considering, because it opens the door for the driver to pay even less for their preferred vehicle, and it benefits the dealer too since the ex-demo car has been taken off their hands. It’s a win-win for all, so long as the price is right.

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