You may have checked out our recent articles that we have published on several Vauxhall ranges, such as the Adam and the Corsa. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on another Vauxhall series, in this case the Insignia. This is something of a hidden gem when it comes to modern car ranges; it isn’t necessarily the best-kept secret within showrooms, but it is certainly an underrated series that satisfies all who decide to invest in this model. We’ve got a fair few finance plans that are worth looking at if you happen to be familiar with the Insignia and wish to buy one of these motors yourself.


To begin with, we have a cracking deal for an Insignia on finance with a 2015 registration. It comes in a cool white bodywork, and it has driven up 50,000 miles to date, which shows how effective and efficient the model is. It has a 1956 engine to operate on, and the vehicle runs on diesel power with manual transmission. For a pretty recent car that has a modern set-up, one would assume that it would attract a hefty price, but in actual fact, the weekly cost of purchasing this model actually sits below £50; £48, to be exact.

vauxhall insignia finance bad credit

Next up, there is a 2015 registration version of the Insignia which sports a silver exterior to it. Although the car is the same age as our first example, it has actually run up fewer miles, with around 15,000 used as of this writing. As with the previous vehicle, this particular model runs on diesel power with manual transmission, and it runs on a 1956 engine as well. The other key factor that it’s price, comes in at £52 per week if you wish to buy it today.


We’ll round things off with another 2015 registration vehicle from the Insignia family. This time, the bodywork takes a darker approach, coming in the form of black, ideal for those drivers who like to think they have a tougher personality! Its mileage is also 73,000, and once more this is a car that not only has a 1956 engine, but also runs on diesel power with an automatic transmission. Although, it’s clocked a lot of mileage, this VX-Line is packed full of feautres with a price tag of £52 per week, which is tremendous value for a tremendous vehicle.

These three are all great options if you wish to buy a Vauxhall Insignia. Want to see our full range of deals for the Vauxhall Insignia? You can apply online now or send an enquiry using our forms or even better give us a call on 01925 599079.