If you were asked to name one Vauxhall car, chances are that it would be the Astra. You’ve probably already seen plenty of advertisements for this range down the years, but suffice it to say that the Astra is one of Vauxhall’s most popular and successful motors. As such, we have got some amazing finance plans when it comes to the Astra, so it’s as good a time as any for you to add an Astra model to your collection. Below, we’ve picked out some of the best.


Firstly, we have a great deal for a relatively recent entry from the Astra series. It’s a 2015 registration car, one that comes in a striking black bodywork. It has only clocked up 16,000 miles as we speak, so it is definitely still early into its lifespan on the road, and it runs on petrol power with manual transmission, whilst coming with a 1398 engine. For such a fresh motor, you may be surprised to discover that it is available for as little as £42 per week, which is terrific value when you think that little over two years ago, this was brand new and had only just left the production line.


Secondly, we have a similar version of the Astra with a few more miles, but it’s certainly not one which comprises quality or price. This 2015 registration car has a clean white exterior, and its mileage so far stands at 23,000. Again, it runs on petrol power with manual transmission, and this boasts a 1598 engine. As mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph, it’s mileage being just over 7,000 more that of our first example allows the price to be dropped to only £40 per week. Think of all the things you could buy for £40 a week, and then imagine how cool it would be to own a car for that price; that is the key to this terrific option.


We’ll finish off with an Astra that has a 2012 registration, but it’s still a great overall package when you sit behind the wheel. As with our first vehicle, red is the colour that helps this vehicle to stand out on the road, and it is a lot more experienced with around 67,000 driven up to this point. This car runs on diesel with manual transmission, and in this instance, the engine is a 1956. But it’s the price which will really grab your attention, as it comes in at just £35 per week, or £140 per month. What incredible value, and what a fine way to round off this spotlight on the long-time favourite that is the Vauxhall Astra.

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