You may have read recently that the Vauxhall Adam series, amongst other Vauxhall ranges, will cease production in late 2019. For fans of this particular car, this news will be a source of disappointment, partly because the Adam was only introduced into the UK market back in 2012. This means that its first generation will be its last (unless plans change, of course), and it prevents the potential evolution of the series.

But we are choosing to look at it from a positive perspective. This news means that now is the best time to purchase an Adam vehicle, because in just under a year, they will be no more and will only be available as vintage models, which would likely lead to price hikes from second-hand sellers and dealers. Before that happens, it is ideal timing for you to consider buying the Vauxhall Adam while it is still officially on the market, and we’ve picked out two of our best finance plans for this particular vehicle in today’s article.


The first of these is for a 2016 registration Vauxhall Adam car. It comes in a smooth, clean white bodywork, and it has only clocked up 13,000 miles in its two years since leaving the factory. The car has a somewhat old-school feel to its general functionality, as it operates on petrol with manual transmission, and the motor comes equipped with a 1398 engine. The price is a real eye-catcher, and a major reason why now is a great time to be shopping around for this soon-to-be-discontinued car, as it’s only £44 per week if you choose to buy it today.


The second deal concerns a slightly older version of the Vauxhall Adam, one that is a 2014 registration model. It has a striking and somewhat intimidating black exterior, and its mileage to date stands at approximately 39,000. It is very similar to the aforementioned 2016 car, in that it runs on petrol with manual transmission and with a 1229 engine to boot. But the drop in price, even from our first example, is the kicker for this deal: for only £33 per week (meaning around £132 per month), this car can be yours. For a car that is still relatively recent, and for a range that is close to meeting its permanent closure, this is a truly fantastic deal, and one that should immediately be placed on your shortlist.

So, we have certainly extolled the virtues of the Vauxhall Adam here, but there is a very good chance that you would still want to learn more about this car before opting for a purchase. Assuming that’s the case, you can want to find out more about our Mini Countryman deals? Call us on 01925 599079.

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