It is vitally important to be driving a car that not only has all of the high-quality performance and functionality features that one would expect, but the vehicle also has to be as safe as it can possibly be for both the driver and for passengers. Safety should be the highest priority for all drivers at all times, and therefore it is a key factor to consider when the time comes to buy your car. As such, and with the new year perhaps bringing about a feeling of wanting to change, we have provided some guidance on what are the safest cars to drive in 2019, and what deals we currently offer for said vehicles.


To begin with, we have the Mercedes A-Class. This is a model that we have previously covered, and no doubt it is the brand name and the prestige associated with Mercedes that makes this a draw, but one cannot overlook its first-class safety features when analysing the vehicle as an overall package. Our best deal for the A-Class right now is for a 2015 registration vehicle from this range, coming in a striking grey bodywork and with 39,000 miles used to date. Coming equipped with a 1461 engine and running on diesel power with manual transmission, the car can be bought today for only £77 per week, so not only is the car incredibly safe, but its value is truly great.


By definition, the Mercedes A-Class is a small family car, but next we’re looking at an even more compact motor, a supermini vehicle in the form of the Volkswagen Polo. Again, it’s a highly popular brand, and the safe driving and passenger experiences are a major reason for its success. Amongst our deals right now, we have a 2017 registration model from the Volkswagen Polo series, one that comes in a clean white bodywork with a mileage of only 15,000 to date. It comes with a 1197 engine, it runs on petrol with manual transmission, and the car is available right now for as little as £56 per week.

Lastly, we turn our attention to a convertible vehicle, that being the Mazda MX-5 on finance. It’s not the first car that you think of when it comes to super-safe cars, but based on what it offers and how it protects its driver and passengers, it really does sit amongst those at the top of the list. We will shortly be able to offer a spectacular deal for the MX-5, one with a 2008 registration that has a black bodywork and a mileage thus far of 60,000. Coming with a 1999 engine and again running on petrol with manual transmission, this will be one of our very best deals across the board, as it will be available for just £31 per week. Keep your eye out for this offer, in terms of both making a great saving and having a car that has top-notch safety amongst its prime qualities.

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