Accept Car Finance Loan Calculator

There are four main types of car finance arrangements for customers to go for PCP (Personal Contract Purchase), PCH (Personal Contract Hire), HP (Hire Purchase) and PL (Personal Loan). At Accept Car Finance we do not offer PCP deals with any of our cars but we can arrange for the other 3 types of fine from our lenders. Most of the time HP deals are better than PCP hence why we like educating our clients of the best deals to avoid being missold an expensive product like PCP. However, there are also some minor alternatives which, depending on your background and circumstances, may result in you getting an even better plan overall.

We begin with Low Rate Finance, which is from 2.9% APR and includes same-day delivery, the option to exchange parts, and no required deposit. No-deposit plans in general form a major part of the services we provide since they can result in you making a huge saving no matter what finance plan you go for in the end. We also provide specific finance plans for self-employed drivers; we know that those who run their own business (especially one-man-band operations) receive their income a little differently from those in a typical 9-to-5 role, so we can arrange the specifications of the finance plan and tailor it to your needs based on your gig or freelance employment.

There are other alternatives that we deliver, again tailored to specific people and sectors. For under-21’s, we work very closely to ensure that you begin your driving life in the right way, and so long as you have a valid driving licence, we will ensure that you find the best possible deal, especially if you are using the car for the likes of university or driving course studies. Taxi drivers, too, can find us particularly useful; as with those who are self-employed, income arrives a little differently for those driving a cab, and of course, you are spending so much more time on the road, so we will factor that into the finance plans that we will set up for you.

As for those in the Armed Forces or the Military, we work particularly close with anyone who is serving for the British Army overseas in not only finding the right car and purchase plan, but handling the shipment and delivery of the vehicle while you are overseas, as well as acknowledging that your service to the country impacts the time you can spend behind the wheel. Rounding things off, we also cater to those training to drive and have a provisional driving licence and also those who have a European Driving Licence; anybody from outside the UK who has a valid European licence will be able to find a suitable and fair finance package, and we will provide thorough assistance in working with our friends from across the continent.

So, as you can see, we offer a lot of variety within the car finance deals that are available which go beyond the main four categories that almost every deal is classified into. Want to know more? Call us on 01925 599079