When you decide to sell your car, it isn’t as simple as driving it up to the dealership and exchanging it for cash. You need to make sure that you can get as much as possible for your vehicle, and that means putting some work into it. If you have looked after your car, you aren’t going to need to do a massive amount, but the little details are going to make a huge difference.

#1 Vacuum the Interior


First things first, get the inside of your car nice and clean so that it looks as close to being new as possible. Your standard vacuum might be a bit bulky for the job, and so we recommend a handheld one to get things done quickly and efficiently. The GTECH Multi is amazing for the interior of cars, and can reach every tiny corner to get crumbs and lint out.

#2 Replace the Tyres


Sometimes, you only need to wash the tyres, maybe use some back to black, but others you will need to replace them completely. Check for punctures and damage, and get new ones where needed. This will increase the value of the car because the new owner won’t have to worry about replacements. However, even washing them can boost the price up nicely.

#3 Get Minor Repairs Done


If there are any little repairs that are needed on your car, take the time to get them done. A car that is sold in excellent condition will fetch more than one that needs work; it’s simple. Minor repairs don’t tend to cost a great deal either, so it shouldn’t leave you out of pocket by the time you sell your car on. Make sure you keep a record of repairs, services, and MOTs for the new owners as well, as this impacts the overall value.

#4 Replace the Floor Mats

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It’s never ok to sell a car with manky floor mats, and even tiny things like this will have an effect on the value of your vehicle. If they are still dirty and worn even after thorough cleaning, you can buy a cheap new set and put them in. This way, you save the value of your car, and the new owner will appreciate the fact that the mats are new and clean.

#5 Wash the Exterior


The best thing you can do is wash the exterior regularly while you own the car as this will keep it looking clean and fresh. However, before you go to sell it, you need to undertake this task with military precision. Wash every inch of the exterior carefully with soapy water, paying close attention to the corners and roof. Remove bird dropping and tree sap with extra care and don’t be too hard on them, especially if using a pressure washer or they will cause deep paint scratches. When you are done, you are will look amazing and be worth a good chunk more than it was.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this has shown you more about the ways in which you can improve your car and its value with simple detailing. Just washing the exterior and replacing old floor mats can make a world of difference when it comes to the value. It might be a little extra work and effort, but it is always worth it for a higher return.

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