Self Employed

Car Finance for self-employed drivers

Self-employment can be hugely satisfying - you control your own hours, choose which work to take and which to refuse, and have the complete freedom of being your own boss.

When it comes to financial services, though, those who are self-employed can often have a rough deal - especially when it comes to driving.

Car finance is one such area, with those who are self-employed and looking to buy a car often finding that a lack of three years of accounts prevents them from getting a good deal - or means that they can't get finance at all.

At Accept Car Finance, our approach is different. The car finance self-employed drivers often have access to relies on having three years of accounts: with our panel of lenders, this is not always the case. We work with a wide range of car finance companies to give you the best chance of acceptance at the lowest possible rate.

We also often accept self-employed drivers with a history of defaults, arrears, previous bankruptcies and poor credit ratings. And while there is no such thing as guaranteed car finance, we're pleased to announce that we're currently accepting 72% of all car finance applications among those with a poor credit history.

If you're self-employed and looking for car finance, our advice is to ensure that you're on the electoral roll: whether you've been on the roll for one year or 20, it will definitely help.

Most lenders will require proof of income to offer car finance to those who are self-employed. While many will ask for three years of accounts, we may be able to finance your car with less: please apply online and one of our car finance specialists will be in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've only been self-employed for two years and most lenders ask for three years of accounts - will Accept Car Finance be able to help?

Yes! We believe that car finance should be available to anyone who is self-employed, as long as they can afford it. Apply now to find out how we could help.

I've had CCJs in the past and I am now self-employed - would this affect my chance of getting car finance?

Not necessarily. We work with a range of lenders who are happy to accept self-employed customers with a poor credit history - get in touch to find out what we can do.

I'm self-employed and have over three years of accounts, but haven't got much of a borrowing history. Will I still be accepted for car finance?

Borrowing money and paying it back on time is what leads to a high credit score. Sometimes, those with very little credit history can find it hard to get car finance, but we work with various lenders who may be happy to help.

I'm not on the electoral roll - will this affect my chances of being accepted?

Being on the electoral roll can help car finance customers in terms of traceability. While it's not a requirement, we recommend that you register as soon as possible for the best chance of being accepted.