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Range Rover Evoque Finance Packages

Range Rover Evoque Car Finance

At Accept Car Finance, you will find many different finance options for used vehicles, but the most popular plan with our customers is the Hire Purchase.

Range Rover Evoque Hire Purchase

  • Pay a fixed amount for a fixed number of months
  • No limit on the mileage
  • You own your Range Rover Evoque car after the final payment.

Range Rover Evoque Facts

  • Style: Subcompact Luxury Crossover SUV
  • Introduced: 2011
  • Generations: Two

Range Rover Evoque Talking Points

Freshness: Unlike other major models which are attempting to shift with the times, the Range Rover Evoque does not have to worry about this problem because it was only introduced in 2011, meaning that it remains fresh and able to adapt to the modern automotive world from the get-go.

Potential: It is because of the Range Rover Evoque's standing as a relatively new player on the scene that its best days are yet to come. Its second generation version was only launched in 2018, and its global sales figures are steadily rising. Add to that the creative design elements applied to this vehicle, and this feels like an exciting range to keep an eye on.

Affordable: The Range Rover Evoque is perhaps the most affordable of the Land Rover cars, especially for someone purchasing a car for the very first time. It is a cool vehicle to have as your very first model, but it is also one that you can grow with and potentially rely on for many years to come, so its feasible pricing only adds to its appeal.

Pizzazz: This marked a shift in tone for Range Rover cars, which had previously been viewed as durable and effective but in no real way eye-catching. The Range Rover Evoque added a level of style and zest to the general Range Rover experience which had previously been lacking, making this a vehicle that would appeal to those who want their car to be trendy and eye-catching.

Performance: The Range Rover Evoque comes packed with plenty of features, but it also succeeds where it is most important: the quality of the driving experience. Indeed, it is smooth, quiet and generally relaxing to be on board for, and combined with high efficiency and the ability to reach big speeds when appropriate, it makes the Evoque a great all-round motor to drive.

Range Rover Evoque Trim Range

  1. Standard
  2. R-Dynamic
  3. S
  4. R-Dynamic S
  5. SE
  6. R-Dynamic SE
  7. HSE
  8. R-Dynamic HSE

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Range Rover Evoque Price Range

Our finance plans for the Range Rover Evoque start at £75 per week, with the newest models coming in at £142 per week.