As you’ll know, Porsche is a motoring brand that automatically suggests elegance, class and wealth. It’s a hugely-popular fleet of vehicles across the world, and Porsches are as prevalent amongst those in a strong financial position as they have ever been, with exciting innovations no doubt planned for future iterations. In the meantime, here at Accept Car Finance, we can provide some excellent finance deals for existing Porsches, and we’ve picked out three in particular for this article.


Firstly, we have an eye-catching deal for a 2011 registration entry from the Porsche Cayman series on finance. It comes in a colourful red bodywork, which suggests that you’re about to head for a fast-paced spin around your area! This vehicle has a 3436 engine, and its mileage is a reasonable 38,000. This particular Porsche car runs on petrol with manual transmission, and it’s available right now for £131 per week. This is a very good price when you factor in the reputation of the Porsche, and the fact that it is a relatively recent model.


Secondly, there is the Porsche 911 for sale on finance. We covered one model from the 911 series in another blog recently, but in this case, we’re talking about a 2003 registration car, making it something of a vintage Porsche (ideal for true car collectors). Boasting a 3600 engine and with 56,000 miles on the clock, the vehicle comes in a shiny blue bodywork, which complements the red in our previous example quite nicely. Running on petrol with automatic transmission, this Porsche 911 motor is available at present for £115 per week.


Finally, we’ve got to mention another entry from the Porsche 911 range, in this case a 2004 registration model. This one comes in silver, which is a strong colour that has an association with prestige, just like the Porsche brand itself. It has a 3600 engine, and its mileage to date is 57,000. Running on petrol but with manual transmission, this more recent Porsche 911 car comes in at £102 per week, which is a fine price for one of the world’s top manufacturing brands, and our best deal from a costing standpoint for the Porsche.

If you want to add an Porsche to your collection, hopefully these finance deals will give you food for thought.

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