When you first read the name, the Porsche Boxster sounds like quite an intimidating vehicle, one that packs the proverbial punch so to speak. In reality, though, the Boxster is a sleek machine that operates with a major focus on speed and efficiency, as opposed to showcasing its strength and power. But don’t let that be considered a criticism, because the Boxster is a fine all-round motor, as we will now delve into with greater detail.


Indeed, the Boxster has a low exterior that ensures the experience for both the driver and any passengers is compact, cosy and comfortable, while receiving a sporty vibe from a vehicle that can reach high levels of speed in a short space of time. It also has a great number of colours available for its bodywork, covering the entire rainbow and then some! The car on finance is currently in the midst of its fourth generation, which began in 2016, having originally been introduced to the market back in 1996.


The Boxster is a convertible car that really does catch your eye. It feels extremely modern, and it feels like it leads the way when it comes to innovation, design and feature specs. It has two doors, which may be off-putting to some, but that is a mere foot-note when you consider everything else that the car manages to deliver. Despite its size, its engine remains strong and powerful, its handling is spot-on, its gearboxes are second to none, and it is also cost-effective compared to other convertibles available at this time.

Ultimately, the fact that the main Boxster brand name has a little less cache than those of its competitors could be something that swings opinions in the opposite direction. Sure, the range has its fans, but being lesser-known than other convertibles, you may be thinking “if it is so good, how come I haven’t been aware of all this until now?” But that is a positive, because it demonstrates that the Boxster is almost a hidden gem on the market, and it will only make you stand out more when driving such a vehicle out on the road. When you combine all of its key features into one package, and you add the prestige that comes from the Porsche name, you end up with a superb car, one that is more than worthy of your consideration.

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