We have a wide range of car finance deals here at Accept Car Finance which provide truly superb value for any would-be driver. Of course, there are various levels of pricing based on the age, mileage, design specs and other crucial factors, and all of the costs are carefully calculated to be fair to both the customer and the manufacturer. However, for those who are looking to secure the best possible arrangement from a financial standpoint, we are pleased to offer many car finance deals which equate to just £25 per week, meaning you will only be paying approximately £100 per month. We have highlighted some of these vehicles below.

The cheapest model that we offer is the Ford Fiesta 1.6 Titanium TDCI 5d. It’s a 2010 registration model, meaning it’s one of the older cars that we have, but it’s still a fantastic piece of kit which not only gets you from A to B, but provides a great driving experience, and in some ways is a good throwback to a time before smart technology became built-in to the majority of today’s newest ranges. It runs on petrol with a manual transmission. Available in a shiny blue bodywork, this car is available for only £25 per week, making it an absolute bargain for somebody who just wants to get on the road and drive.


Next, we have the Citroen C1 1.0 VTR 3d-2. This is a more recent car than the aforementioned Ford Fiesta, coming with a 2012 registration and boasting a sleek, small exterior designed to provide a cosy, comforting feel for both the driver and the passengers. Again, it runs on petrol with manual transmission, and it has a mileage to date of 48,000. Again, this car is available in a strong, reflective shade of blue, and it can be bought right now for just £23 per month. Having been on the market for only six years, this is a tremendous deal that makes for a fantastic overall package.


Finally, we have another vehicle which meets the £25-a-week mark on the dot, and it’s a spectacular model from a world-famous manufacturer no less. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class 1.8 C180 Kompressor SE 4d 155 BHP is something of a vintage car from the motoring giant, being a 2008 registration available in a sturdy silver bodywork. It is one of the most-used cars that we have, coming with a mileage to date of 85,000, but of course, this brings down the value while showing that it has the ability to take you anywhere at any speed. This has automatic transmission while running on petrol, and as noted, it is available now for £25 per week. This is a great deal, for both a new driver and for somebody who has a particular interest in the Mercedes back catalogue, and it rounds off these excellent finance plans which allow you to get behind the wheel at a truly amazing price.

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