The Mini Cooper is a classic range for this long-time British favourite manufacturer. The Cooper takes a more modern, almost casual approach, while still offering enough features and high-quality functionality to make each and every driving experience a real pleasure. As you may imagine, given its popularity and our large fleet of stock, we have plenty of great finance plans for the Mini Cooper, and we have decided to showcase some of our best deals in this article.


First of all, we have a recent incarnation of the Mini Cooper, one that is a 2015 registration car. It comes in a white bodywork, though it leans on the side of cream rather than full milky-white in this case. Its mileage to date is 27,000, significant enough to demonstrate its efficiency but not so significant that its best days remain in the future. It has a 1496 engine, and it runs on diesel power with manual transmission. The car is currently available for £52 per week, which equates to around £208 per month.


Secondly, we shine the spotlight on a more recent entry from the Mini Cooper range, in this case a 2016 registration motor. The colour is sky-blue, which helps it to really stand out on the road amongst cars of all sorts of colours. The mileage is a little higher for this car, having reached 33,000 as of this writing. Again, this is a car that has a 1496 engine, running on both diesel power and manual transmission, but the price is a little lower than the first example, tallying up at £48 per week, or £192 per month.


To close things out, let’s take a look at something completely different, as we have a deal for a Mini Hatch Cooper where the price is way down. It’s a vintage Mini Cooper, at least by modern standards, with it being a 2012 registration vehicle. It’s a highly-experienced car, having racked up 45,000 miles during its extensive lifespan with plenty more left to give. This vehicle has a 1995 engine, and it runs on diesel with automatic transmission. As well as having a neutral white bodywork, the car also makes an impact with its cost: just £40 per week, or approximately £160 per month. Such value is incredibly hard to find, especially for the Mini Cooper, making this a headline-grabbing finance plan for the would-be driver.

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