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Used Mercedes E Class Finance Packages

Mercedes E Class Car Finance

At Accept Car Finance, you will find many different finance options for used Mercedes E-Class vehicles, but the most popular plan with our customers is the Hire Purchase.

Mercedes E Class Hire Purchase

  • Pay a fixed amount for a fixed number of months
  • No limit on the mileage
  • You own your Mercedes E Class car after the final payment.

Mercedes E Class Facts

  • Style: Compact Luxury Crossover SUV
  • Introduced: 1993
  • Generations: Five

Mercedes E Class Talking Points

Longevity: Although the Mercedes E-Class officially entered the market in 1993, its roots go back to the previous W120 range, and this was first introduced way back in 1953. Forty years of heritage on top of more than a quarter of a century for its modern incarnation make this one of the longest-running major models around.

Popularity: The shift to the E-Class certainly paid off for Mercedes from a business standpoint. It was estimated back in 2015 that the Mercedes E-Class had sold over 13 million cars, making it the most successful range for the manufacturer. It stands to reason that its fourth generation model, brought in back in 2016, will have edged the series well past 15 million and closer to 20 million in sales.

Compatibility: A big reason for that is how the Mercedes E-Class is able to suit all sorts of driver needs. It can be the snazzy car that you show off to your friends, or it can be the back-to-basics model that allows you to commute to work, or it can be strong enough to tow another vehicle. The Mercedes E-Class can do it all.

Cost: Because of its ability to do virtually everything, it does mean that the Mercedes E-Class is one of the pricier vehicles if you wish to buy it brand new. Thankfully, though, we have a whole host of superb finance plan offers that would allow you to buy an E-Class while making a great saving.

Reliability: We also have to mention another key reason for the popularity of the Mercedes E-Class: its high standards of reliability. This is a car that will not let you down at the worst possible moment or be incapable of carrying out core tasks. It is a vehicle that does exactly what it says and then some, so you know that you can count on the E-Class no matter the situation or the required journey.

Mercedes E Class Trim Range

  1. SE
  2. AMG Line Edition
  3. AMG Line Night Edition
  4. AMG Line

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Mercedes E Class Price Range

Our finance plans for the Mercedes E-Class start at £39 per week, with the newest models coming in at £100 per week.