It’s one thing to pick out a car that suits you and provides a smooth, easy-going driving experience, but if you have the budget to do so, why not consider a luxury car? These are vehicles of the highest possible standards, from functionality to feature sets to the materials that are used to build the car. Luxury cars are a must-own for drivers who have the money to invest extra in their vehicle of choice, and as you might imagine, there are plenty of great luxury cars to choose from in today’s market, a couple of which we have highlighted in today’s article.


Firstly, we have a brand that practically embodies the word “luxury”, Mercedes-Benz. Indeed, it is the dream of many just to be able to own a Mercedes car one day. Assuming that you are in a position to buy one today, we have some fine finance plans available for Mercedes vehicles, one of which is the C-Class. In particular, we have a 2016 registration Mercedes in a glossy black bodywork, which comes with a 2143 engine and a mileage thus far of 35,000. Running on diesel power with manual transmission, the price of this car belies its luxury reputation, coming in at only £102 per week, which is impressive for a big-budget vehicle that is only two years removed from being in the factory.


Secondly, we have the Range Rover. When you think of luxury cars, you think of a model that is sleek, slim and long. In contrast, the Range Rover is large, bulky and compact, but it makes up for being so big by being so good! More importantly, it delivers a driving experience that is second to none, and it is popular with celebrities, in particular footballers. We’ve covered the Range Rover quite a bit in the past, so we’ll keep things brief by spotlighting one Range Rover deal for £85 per week, a 2010 registration Range Rover which has 86,000 miles on the clock, a 4367 engine, and a gold bodywork, which adds to that feeling of prestige. It runs on diesel power, and it has automatic transmission.


Don’t forget about Bentleys too. Bentleys scream “luxury” as much as any car brand, and we currently have a very good car finance deal for one such motor. The vehicle in question is a 2008 registration Bentley Continental, so a vintage Bentley, coming in a colourful blue bodywork and on a 5998 engine. With a mileage thus far of 60,000 miles, and running on petrol with automatic transmission, this Bentley can be yours for £156 per week, allowing you to quickly add a classic version of a truly prestigious luxury motoring brand to your collection.


Finally, we’ll look at the Audi A8. This feels like a more straight-forward and simplified vehicle, but it works so well and packs so much into its all-round package that it has to not only be considered a luxury car, but also one of the very best luxury cars on offer. We have one finance plan for the Audi A1 which is relatively recent, being a 2015 registration vehicle, and it comes in a strong silver bodywork. This car has a 2967 engine, and it has built up 35,000 miles as of this writing. Running on diesel power with automatic transmission, you can purchase the Audi A8 right now for £119 per week.

This is just a small look at our wide range of luxury car finance deals. Over 95% of our stock can be acquired on a no deposit finance deal with unbeatable low rates. Want to know more? Call us on 01925 599079.

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