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You may have come across the term Instant Decision” car finance when you have been shopping around for a new vehicle in the past, and you may be wondering what this means. The term is self-explanatory, but it goes into more depth than simply being a literal definition.

Instant Decision allows you to discover extremely quickly if you have been accepted, or indeed if you can be accepted, for a particular car finance plan. Within 60 seconds of submitting your request, one of our team of experts will reply to you to state whether you can go ahead with a potential plan or not. It will depend on a number of circumstantial factors, such as your employment salary, your budget, your location and your credit score. Indeed, if any of these elements conflict with the terms of a particular plan, then the Instant Decision could prevent a sale going ahead. If, for example, you have a poor credit score, it does not mean that you cannot purchase a car, but it could limit your choices and ultimately thwart you buying the vehicle that you have been enquiring about.

There are several reasons as to why a potential driver would request an Instant Decision. The most obvious is that they can find out very quickly whether a deal can go ahead, which of course saves time and energy looking into a car that, depending on their financial situation, they may not be able to purchase. In the event that a deal is prevented, this opens up more time to find a suitable alternative. In addition, it allows a plan to be arranged as quickly as possible, which is particularly useful if the customer requires a new car at short notice or has had a technical fault with their existing vehicle. And then there are those people who simply want to have a deal completed in minimum time, allowing them to concentrate on other decisions perhaps relating to a mortgage or their job.

Because of the fast turnaround that an Instant Decision finance approval provides, it stands to reason that it may not explore the depth that the usual discussions revolving around a possible car finance plan agreement would deliver. This is the potential downside of an Instant Decision; because of the desire to find out quickly whether a deal is possible, the customer takes the risk of either forgetting or misinterpreting an aspect of the deal which could prove crucial in the longer term, whereas a regular conversation about a finance plan would cover all bases. Of course, we will help you every step of the way to provide all of the vital information that you require, as well as providing other handy hints to make a decision quicker and easier (such as our Budget car finance Calculator), while ensuring that you don’t agree to a plan without understanding all of the factors involved, even when time is not on your side.

Nevertheless, an Instant Decision definitely has its benefits from a driver standpoint, and hopefully, we have shed some light on what this involves and why it could prove beneficial for you. You can find out further details about this by visiting our finance options page or call us on 01925 599079 to know more?