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It is a common question for drivers: where can I find the best deals for my car? Here at Accept Car Finance, we specialise in delivering first-class finance plans that will allow motorists to benefit from some exceptional value and a highly-efficient vehicle. But how can this be narrowed down so that our customers are able to more accurately define what they deem to be the best deals for their requirements? Here are some handy hints.

The first thing we would recommend when you make your application is to not make other applications with other finance companies as this could affect your file since some companies don’t use soft search as we normally do. However, having said that you can still shop around. This goes beyond a mere Google search; have a look at what a wide range of dealerships are offering, and understand what seems to be the baseline price for the range or ranges that have captured your interest the most. It is important to look at the options provided by reputable (check our reviews here), credible companies. Find out what you would be expected to pay, as this can give you an idea of where your starting point is, and whether you can find a way to earn a lower-priced deal from there.

The next point we would suggest is to think about what type of finance plan would be most preferable. Are you looking to merely hire the car for a few years and then move onto another vehicle, or are you hoping for this to be a truly long-term purchase? Would you be opposed to paying a deposit amount, or would you like to pay a more significant proportion of the overall value of the vehicle before you get behind the wheel, thus reducing monthly costs for later on? By working out what finance plan ticks the boxes you are most interested in, or even dismissing those that you wish to avoid, this will make it easier to find the best deal for your requirements.

The final thing we would mention, especially when it comes to working with us, is to provide as much information as you can about how often you are planning to drive, how far you are planning to regularly drive, and also how many passengers will be travelling on a typical journey, which includes any children that might be joining you. This allows us to more accurately define the type of driving experience you would be seeking, which allows us to then more accurately define what cars would be the most appropriate for this. We want to make sure that the car you end up buying is the absolute best option for your circumstances, so the more that we can find out from you, the more likely it is that this goal will be achieved.

These are some of our tips for finding the best car finance deals. You can learn more about Accept Car Finance, and why we’re the best car finance company, by heading to our about us page. Over 95% of our stock can be acquired on a no-deposit finance deal with unbeatable cheap finance rates.

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As part of our services we deliver the car / van to your premises of choice within the UK. Lately we have delivered cars in most major towns including the Southern cities & midlands: (London, Birmingham, Leicester), Northern cities (Newcastle, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool), and Scottish cities (Edinburgh, Glasgow).