So, you want to buy a new car, but you’re trying to fit it in within your budget, not only for the purchase itself, but for any extras that are required (such as insurance), along with the potential for future repairs and changes. It can be pretty tricky, which is why we hope this blog today will be able to give you some good pointers.

To start off, actually determine what your budget is. You may have a figure in mind, but write it down and weigh it up alongside other regular payments that you are currently making, such as your bills and your mortgage should you have one. Also factor in what regular payments could increase in future (gas and electricity?), so that you don’t leave yourself short. Consider what your current income is and how that can impact a decision. And also think about how long you are planning to have the car: why splash out mega-bucks on a vehicle that you’ll be planning to ditch in two or three years’ time?

Once you have decided on what your budget is, you should then consider what cars fit within that price range. If your budget is low, rule out the high-end vehicles that have just won car awards and have only left the production line last week. If your budget is moderate, you will have more choice, but still don’t go bonkers when you see a flashy vehicle. If your budget is high, then of course the options are limitless. You should definitely note how various finance plans will require different levels of monthly payments, as well as considering deposits; what may seem like an affordable car that is on line with your budget could actually sit just outside of it when you throw in the added extras.

If you are struggling to work out whether a car that you’ve spotted is going to be affordable based on your budget, then make sure that you use our handy car finance calculator tool. This is a very simple way to note down your credit score, what you are willing to spend per month, and also the preferred length of the agreement. From there, we narrow down options that you can filter down to find the perfect vehicle based on what you want and what you can pay. This car finance calculator has proven to be extremely useful for our customers in the past, and if you really need help to weigh up a car purchase alongside your perceived budget, then this is the perfect tool to help you out, and to ensure that a decision becomes much easier for you.

It is vital when buying a car that it fits in with and does not exceed your planned budget, and hopefully these tips (especially our online car finance calculator) will be a helping hand for you when the time comes to make a purchase. Nevertheless,  we have a ton of great options within these parameters. Check them out here by heading on over to our No Deposit page and all our car finance deals.

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