When you hear high perfomance cars what rings in your mind? Porsche, M3, Audi S Line and Mercedes C63. Sure, it’s nice to have the likes of alloy wheels, Bluetooth connection, world-class speakers etc. But at the end of the day, the car needs to be capable of performing to the highest possible level at all times. If a car is not up to the task, then it is not worth investing in, regardless of how many fancy features it may have. Here, we’re taking a look at the cars on today’s market that are most associated with high performance, and the finance deals that we currently have for these models.


We begin with the Porsche 911 on car finance. Porsches are generally considered to be elite vehicles, if not something of a luxury for drivers, and so it stands to reason that a Porsche would be offering high performance when it comes to general functionality. We have a deal for a vintage Porsche 911 that will be of interest, especially for longtime drivers or previous Porsche owners. We have a 2004 registration version of the Porsche 911, which has a 3596 engine and 29,000 miles on the clock, which is actually quite low for a car that has been off the production line for 15 years. It comes in a grey bodywork, which almost gives it a Hollywood vibe! Running on petrol with manual transmission, this particular model is on offer right now for £148 per week.


Another car manufacturer that is associated with luxury, class and prestige is BMW, and the German motoring giant has a high-performance range of its own in the form of the M3. We have an eye-catching deal for a 2015 registration BMW M3 on finance, and it comes in a neat black bodywork. It boasts a 2993 engine, and it has a mileage just above that of the aforementioned Porsche 911 with 40,000 to date. Running on diesel with automatic transmission, you can purchase this version of the BMW M Sport for only £106 per week, making this a deal well worth considering.


The final car that we are spotlighting today is the Audi S5 on finance. This is much more accessible to the everyday driver based on delivering high performance for a comparatively low cost, and this (along with strong marketing towards young professionals) has been a contributing factor in the Audi becoming one of the UK’s most popular car ranges ever. We have some cracking car finance plans for the Audi A5 & S5 range, and in particular we have a deal for a 2018 registration car that comes in a smooth white bodywork. It has a 3.0L engine, and it has only 5,000 miles used so far. Running on petrol with automatic transmission, this Audi S5 model can be yours for just £173 per week on HP finance, amazing value for an amazing car that, as per the theme of this article, delivers very high performance at all times.


One of my absolute favourite cars is the Mercedes-Benz C63. 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, 457 bhp, engine size 6208cc. Personally I would go for this purely for the engine power. It’s not for the faint hearted. It’s I can talk for days about this car but will reserve this for another article.

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