We have discussed in recent articles about the importance of having good credit when buying a car, as well as emphasising how having poor credit is not an obstacle that would prevent you purchasing a vehicle. But there are times when credit will not be a factor at all, as there will occasionally be the opportunity to finance a car without having a credit check at all. There are numerous benefits for the customer to this.

To start off, realistically this would be most helpful to those with bad credit. After all, if you have got a good credit score, then would there be as big a concern about informing a finance company about your credit situation? So, we’re assuming in this example that the customer has low credit. Having negative credit can potentially reduce your options when it comes to purchasing a vehicle, but this is with the assumption that the finance company are aware of this. If they don’t have to find out what your credit score is, you don’t have to tell them that it is negative, and as a result, you have the chance to consider far more cars than you normally would.

Another key reason why people might consider a car finance deal that doesn’t involve a credit check has nothing to do with your financial circumstances; in fact, you might be in the best credit situation imaginable. It is simply due to time, and the ability to save time. Going through a full credit check can be pretty time-consuming, and also occasionally lead to mild concern about whether you will be accepted, even if you’re in a strong position money-wise. But by skipping this step, you are greatly reducing the amount of time required to make a deal happen, meaning that you could theoretically get behind the wheel a lot sooner.

But just be careful, because there is a very good reason why finance companies will carry out credit checks. It is for their benefit more than anything, yet you can understand why. Just like an insurance provider may be wary should a potential customer have a history of road accidents, a finance company will raise an eyebrow should they learn that your credit score is pretty low, which generally leads to a deal for a reduced motor or an agreement that favours them a little more. If a credit check does not happen, and you do find yourself struggling to keep up with payments, this may prove to be a tricky dilemma to handle, because the finance company are taking you for your word that you can afford the vehicle. If you can’t, and especially at an early stage of the deal, then this can create major headaches for you. So while the prospect of car finance without a credit check sounds enticing, you still need to ensure that you can afford the vehicle.

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