Electric cars have become more and more prominent on the road in recent times, due to the ever-evolving technology within the automotive industry as a whole. Because they are electric, the vehicles need to be charged in order to work, which can be confusing to some. Here, we will explain the process of electric car charging in further detail.

Let’s start by discussing in further detail why electric cars require charging: they operate based on electric power rather than petrol or diesel power or any other fossil fuel. As with any electrical device, though, in order to function, it must be charged regularly enough, especially if you are a driver that plans to be heading on longer journeys. Of course, electrical cars are different to the likes of a mobile phone or a portable games device, in that very specific charging points are needed to power them up.

And they can be found in an increasing number of areas (albeit in specific regions, as opposed to nationwide). Along with regular petrol stations, they can also be found within car parks at shopping centres, with Asda & IKEA being just a few of the major retailers that currently provides them. That being said, it is always more convenient to charge an electric car from your own home, and government grants are a possibility for having them fitted specifically into the side of your house or garage. Tesla who have been pioneering electric cars have been rolling out charging technology with the future in mind. See one of their charging points below. Some larger office buildings that include internal car parks also offer the chance to charge your electric car while you are in work.


It’s also worth noting that there are three levels of EV charging. Slow chargers can take up to 6-8 hours, which is useful when powering up the vehicle during the night, or ahead of a long trip. Rapid chargers can be done in less than an hour, which is ideal for a quick fix. Meanwhile, fast chargers sit somewhere in the middle, as they generally take around 3-4 hours to complete the job, and are handy if you have a fair amount of time but you still need the car that day (work complexes are suited for fast charging).

These are the main points that you should be aware of when it comes to the charging of electric cars, we will revisit this topic again when we discuss our electric cars on finance in the next few weeks. Want to know more about our hybrid and electric car stock? Call us on 01925 599079.

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