We have been asked about whether or not an aspiring applicant for a car finance deal would need to show their driving licence when buying a car. The answer is a resounding “yes”, and we will now explain why.

At its core, a driving licence provides evidence that the motorist is legally able to get behind the wheel of a car. It is the proof that they can be trusted with driving, having passed their test and been accepted by an insurance firm, and is generally in a position where it does not represent a risk to allow them to buy a vehicle. A motorist should have their licence with them whenever they are driving, because in the event of a road accident or if they are asked to pull over by the police, it could lead to greater troubles if they cannot prove that they are legally able to drive because they didn’t have their licence to hand, even if they are fully trained to do so.

And the same applies to buying a car. The potential customer has to provide evidence that they are actually legally able to drive. They might have a massive monthly income, a long history of driving in the past, and they might be willing to purchase the absolute best car in the whole showroom. But if they do not have their licence with them to show the representative from the finance company, then a deal simply cannot happen. How does the financer know that the motorist is not falsifying their financial situation, and how does the financer know that they are actually qualified to drive? Without the licence, then anything they state about their driving experience is up for debate.

It may sound a little harsh, but it’s the reality of the situation when you consider how dangerous it would be to allow an unqualified driver to purchase a vehicle and get behind the wheel. It could place the motorist in great danger, as well as any other passengers, drivers and pedestrians, and in the event of a major incident, it would lead to great ramifications for the finance company, likely resulting in a huge court case that could threaten the viability of the organisation as a whole. It could have disastrous consequences on so many levels, so to prevent such an eventuality, the finance company needs to have definitive proof that a customer – no matter how charming or honest they might be – is actually legally able to drive. A driving licence acts as such proof.

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