Insurance is always a major factor when it comes to a car purchase. It’s a fact of life that you need to be insured by a credible provider in order to legally take to the road. That being said, you don’t have to be paying sky-high prices for your car insurance, and there are certain vehicles which are cheaper to ensure than others, thus bringing the overall price of the vehicle down significantly, which we will be looking at closely below.

To begin with, we have got the VW Polo. We will be examining the Polo in further detail in an upcoming article, but in the context of this story about the cheapest vehicles to insure, the sleekness of the model and the longevity of the series as a whole are major factors in bringing down insurance costs. It is not a huge motor that could be deemed as being prone to potential accidents, nor is it a car packed with so many features that they could take a driver’s eye off the wheel. And having been around for more than 40 years, the VW Polo is a familiar, reliable range with a high safety rating. With all those aspects to consider, it’s understandable why the Polo is amongst the cheapest cars to insure.

It is far from the only vehicle that has a low insurance cost across the board, though. Another model that we should mention here is the Ford Fiesta, which shares several traits with the VW Polo in regards to history, size and simple functionality. The latter point is crucial because its no-frills approach to the driving experience (albeit with a couple of neat design elements) makes it an ideal vehicle for a brand new motorist; it can certainly suit longtime drivers, but it is also perfectly suited to somebody who is driving alone for the very first time. With this information in mind, it only makes sense for the Fiesta to be cheap to insure, since the intention is for a just-passed motorist to have a straightforward vehicle for which accidents should be extremely rare.

Elsewhere, there is also the Vauxhall Corsa. This very popular series is renowned for being pretty affordable when it comes to insurance, and this combined with the excellent driving experience and family hatchback design has helped it to achieve consistent annual sales figures matched by only a small number of other ranges. And then there is the SmartforTwo, a smart vehicle that requires less long-time maintenance for the duration of a finance plan, which along with the smart features provided by this vehicle reduce the probability of any parts being damaged, hence this being another of the more affordable models on an insurance level.

So, we have had our say when it comes to the cheapest cars to insure in the current market, but you can learn more about insurance as a whole and view the other cars which are cheap to insure on our stock page.

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