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We have so many possibilities when it comes to providing cheap car finance deals, and better still are those which do not require a deposit payment. These generally come in the form of a Personal Contract Hire, or PCH, and today we will explain the benefits of going for a PCH option when buying your car.

To start with, as the theme of this article says, there is no deposit payment. Think about the short-term impact of this: by not having to pay an initial deposit, you will not have to worry about stumping up a certain amount of money before the plan is given the green light. Instead, you can relax, knowing that the monthly payments are the only times when you will be spending on your car of choice. A deposit payment is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you can arrange a deal where there is no deposit required, chances are that you won’t be complaining.

But won’t this mean that you’ll be paying more on a monthly basis? Far from it. In fact, due to the terms and conditions of a PCH plan, you will actually be paying less per month for your designated vehicle. Now factor in that we have some cracking prices for a wide variety of cars, covering all sorts of manufacturers, ranges and generations, all under the PCH umbrella, and you realise that this is something that you seriously have to consider when the time comes for you to buy your next (or first) car.

The main reason for this is the fact that you will ultimately be hiring the car, and come the end of the agreement, you will not have full ownership of the vehicle. But the positives about this are the fact that you’ve been able to enjoy several great years with the car, and you can use this experience to find the best possible successor when you shop around for the next vehicle. What’s more, you could find that you end up with an even better deal, and paying even less on a monthly basis, due to your experience with and completion of the HP agreement. It also means that your car will always feel fresh and new, ensuring that your driving experience will never feel stale or old.

So, you would be highly advised to check out our large number of no-deposit cheap car finance deals here.

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