Here at Accept Car Finance, we have a great range of motors covering all sorts of manufacturers. Amongst the top names that we offer within our stock is BMW, and amongst a large variety of BMW vehicles that we have are some high-quality models at very low prices. In this article, we will be picking out a couple of the cheapest BMW car finance plans that we have, all of which still deliver top-level performance.


To start off, there is the BMW 5 Series. In this case, we have a 2010 registration vehicle, one that sports a silver bodywork that adds a feeling of steel and authority for the driver. It has clocked up a large mileage to date of around 127,000, and it comes with a powerful 1995 engine. Running on diesel power and operating with manual transmission, this particular version of the BMW 5 Series comes in at only £42 per week, which really does provide excellent value for a car that is amongst the best that BMW have to offer.


If you are looking for a car that has a sportier vibe to it, though, then we recommend that you check out the BMW 3 Series. This is a 2005 registration car, so it is very experienced, as evidenced by its mileage thus far of 91,000. It has a striking black bodywork, one that makes this a unique model within our stockroom, and it comes equipped with a 2996 engine. Again, this vehicle runs on petrol power with automatic transmission, and this iteration of the BMW 3 Series can be bought on a finance plan right now for £29 per week.


Last up, we have our very cheapest BMW car finance plan. Again, it’s a BMW 1 Series vehicle, but it is a little more recent, as it is a 2012 registration model. It has racked up approximately 59,000 miles as of this writing, it is available in a matt grey exterior, and as with our first example, the car has a 1995 engine to operate on. Once more, this vehicle runs on diesel power with manual transmission, but it is the cost that will really catch your eye: this version of the BMW 1 Series is available for just £44 per week, meaning that you will be enjoying a first-class BMW car for a great deal.

Over 95% of our BMW cars on finance stock can be acquired on a no deposit deal with unbeatable low finance rates. Want to know more? Call us on 01925 599079.

As part of our services we deliver the car to your premises of choice within the UK. Lately we have delivered cars in most major towns including the Southern cities & midlands: (London, Birmingham, Leicester), Northern cities (Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle), and Scottish cities (Edinburgh, Glasgow).