We recently published an article on the benefits of automatic cars, along with some of our most popular deals for vehicles with automatic transmission. But perhaps you’re looking to really save money when it comes to an automatic car purchase, and so today we have decided to focus on the cheapest deals for automatic motors, all of which are below £100 per month.


We begin with a 2010 registration vehicle for the popular, modern Smart Fortwo series. It’s a very intimate car with an extremely sleek design, and in this day and age, it’s probably the most concise model that you will find! This version comes in a smart silver colour (ideal for the brand!), and it has driven up 51,000 miles over the past eight years. It comes equipped with a 999 engine and runs on petrol, and it is available right now for only £23 per week, which equates to approximately £92 per month, a barn-storming price for an automatic car – but we’re just getting started.

cheap-automatic-cars-below-£100-Smart Fortwo-Accept-Car-Finance

Up next, we have another entry from the Smart Fortwo range, this time coming with a 2008 registration and in a light yellow exterior complexion. Despite being a little older, it has actually clocked up fewer miles, with 33,000 used up as we write this article. Again, it’s a petrol-operated motor sporting the aforementioned 999 engine, and this one is available for £21 per week, meaning £84 per month. There are many cars that cost more than £84 per month, so to get a car for that amount on a monthly basis represents incredible value.


If you’re looking for the absolute cheapest vehicle with automatic transmission, though, then we direct your attention to the Vauxhall Vectra on finance. It’s a 2007 registration car, coming in a smooth, almost upper-class red bodywork, and it provides plenty of space without feeling overly long or overly large. It is a very experienced model, having racked up 75,000 miles during its lifespan with plenty left to give, and it runs on diesel power with a 1910 engine. But the price is the true draw for this car; it is just £17 per week! That’s £68 per month, which is less than what people pay for monthly train and bus passes. This is a real eye-catcher, and it’s top of the shop not only for deals on automatic cars, but for all cars within our range of stock.

You can find out more about these vehicles, and other automatic cars costing less than £100 per month, by scrolling through our vehicle stock page. Over 95% of our stock can be acquired on a no deposit finance deal with unbeatable low rates. Want to know more? Call us on 01925 599079.

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