At Accept Car Finance, we have got a whole host of finance plan options based on varying factors. One of those will undoubtedly be your budget, which is sometimes set at approximately £200 per month. Should this figure be your ceiling for any potential purchases, there are a lot of vehicles to choose from, and we have picked out three of the best in today’s article.


First of all, we have to mention the Ford S-Max. This is a 2012 registration vehicle, making it a first generation car that is still equipped with modern functions. This is a particularly experienced motor with around 105,000 miles driven up during is lifespan. It comes with a white bodywork that brings a sporty feel to proceedings, as well as having a 1997 engine. The car runs on diesel power with semi-automatic transmission, and best of all, it is available today for only £46 per week, meaning £184 per month, thus keeping under the £200 threshold.


Next up, we will take a look at an even more recent car of the same value. That would be the Vauxhall Corsa, which has a 2017 registration and only 10,000 miles driven up as of this writing. The blue exterior brings an air of colour and sparkle to the car, and its 1398 engine is sufficiently powerful, given the somewhat sleek nature of the model. Running on petrol with manual transmission, this highly-efficient, intimate vehicle is also available for £46 per week should you wish to add it to your collection.


We’ll round things off by focusing on a vehicle that is almost half of the price of our first two examples, allowing it to be more than suitable for your budget while retaining high performance and efficiency. We’re talking about the Ford Fiesta, a classic series that all drivers will be more than aware of. In this particular case, it is a 2013 vehicle with a shiny light blue exterior, one that has 58,000 miles to its name so far. The motor has a 1242 engine, and as with our previous example, the car runs on petrol with manual transmission. The price of just £29 per week is the most eye-catching aspect of this deal, though; while the theme of this blog concerns cars for £200 per month, this model means that you’ll only just be passing the £100 monthly payment barrier, making this an incredible deal that is well worth considering.

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