We have a whole host of fantastic car finance plans here at Accept Car Finance, and we always ensure that our deals are the fairest, most affordable that you will find anywhere. In fact, at Accept you will be able to buy a first-class vehicle for less than £150 per month, and we have plenty of options that fit within this budget, as we have outlined below.


The first of these is for the Jaguar XF on finance. This vehicle is aimed at the sportier driver, a motorist who wants to be seen and heard on the road, and the XF certainly allows you to achieve that! It is a 2008 registration vehicle available in a green exterior, and it has driven just over 101,000 miles so far. It comes equipped with a 2720 engine, and it runs on diesel power with automatic transmission. If you wish to add this version of the Jaguar XF to your personal car collection, it will cost only £35 per week, or £140 per month.


Next up, there is the Audi TT on finance. This is a smooth vehicle that emits a casual vibe, one that feels like it is in control on the road while remaining cosy for the driver and passengers. It is also something of an old-school motor, because in this case, the vehicle has a 2008 registration. Its black bodywork only adds to the personality of the car, and it has clocked up 94,000 miles to date. With a 1984 engine, the vehicle runs on petrol with manual transmission, and it is available today for £35 per week, or £140 per month.


Lastly, we have got a splendid deal for a Mini Hatch Cooper on finance. This is a cool car from the vintage British brand, one that has a 2010 registration, and it comes in a milky white bodywork. It has also driven up 79,000 miles since leaving the production line, which proves that this is an effective and efficient motor within the somewhat small package. It has a 1598 engine, and it runs on petrol with manual transmission. Best of all is the price which is just £29 per week, meaning £116 per month and thus sitting well within the £150 threshold.

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