When you are looking for a car, one of the most important factors will always be the price, and trying to keep the cost as low as it can possibly be. Key to this will be managing to avoid a deposit depending on the stock available, as this will ultimately mean that you are paying out less money on a regular basis. This becomes even more noticeable when it comes to vehicles that are priced at less than £100 per month or £25 per week, meaning that you are making a truly great saving on a car. We have picked out some of our top deals for no-deposit cars below £100 a month.


We will start with a 2007 registration version of the Mazda 3. It is available in a colourful red bodywork, and it has clocked up a lot of miles during its lifetime with 119,000 in total. This vehicle comes with a 2261 engine, and it runs on petrol with manual transmission. The theme of this article is about saving money on a car finance plan, and that is certainly the case with this particular model, priced at only £23 per week, meaning that you will only be paying £96 per month, and without a deposit to boot.


Next up, we have got another car that comes from 2007, though in this case it is the Volkswagen Golf. It is a slightly smaller and more intimate vehicle, coming in a dark blue exterior. This is another vehicle that has driven up a lot of miles at 121,000, while the engine of the motor is a 1968. Running on diesel power with semi-automatic transmission, this car is priced at the same level as the previous Mazda 3, as it is available for £23 per week and £96 on a monthly basis.


We will finish off our list with a very snazzy blue car that has a 2009 registration. It is a Renault Clio, and it’s a pretty sleek vehicle if we may say so ourselves! The car has reached a mileage of 79,000 since it first left the production line, and it has a 1149 engine, as well as running on petrol with manual transmission. But the most appealing aspect of this deal is the price: this version of the Renault Clio can be bought for just £17 per week, meaning that you are only spending £68 per month. Considering that no deposit is involved, this is one of the very best car finance deals that you will find anywhere under any criteria.

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