Recently, we spotlighted a range of cars amongst our stock here at Accept Car Finance that are currently available for less than £100 per month. There are also vehicles amongst our fleet that sit slightly higher on the pricing scale, coming in at around £150 per month. However, this should not be considered a deterrent compared to cheaper motors, and in fact there are numerous benefits to opting for a car in this price range, as we will now explain.

To begin with, you will have access to a greater number of potential cars if you increase your budget to £150 per month, as opposed to trying to keep it down to £100. Obviously, you will have a certain figure in mind that you will be willing to pay up to for a car, and the higher that amount can be, the better. You do not want to set yourself a threshold that is too high, as it could impact other payments that you have to regularly make, but you also want to have it at a level that still allows you to consider a fairly high number of options. That becomes possible by opting for cars in the £150 per month bracket.

Next up, you will also find that by increasing your potential budget from £100 to £150, the cars themselves will be more recent, have driven fewer miles, and generally be in a better condition to last for the long-term. This is not to discount vehicles at our lowest price point; far from it. But a brand new vehicle that has just come off the production line will always cost the most money, while a second-hand version that is nearly-new will be slightly cheaper. The older and more experienced the model is, the lower the price becomes, but it also works in reverse; the more you will pay, the fresher it will feel and the greater its remaining lifespan will be.

We’ve focused on this from the perspective of increasing your budget, but let’s now consider the key benefit of dropping your budget from those of high-end, super-new vehicles: you will be saving a lot of money for a car that is still to your requirements and is still the actual model that you were hoping to buy. It will be older, it will be more experienced and accustomed to the road, and it will have a higher overall mileage. On the whole, though, the biggest positive about this is the fact that you will ultimately be driving a car identical to the one of your dreams for far less money, which is a win-win.

These are the main benefits of buying a car with a set budget of £150 per month, and you can check out our full stock of vehicles in this price range by going to our finance vehicle stock page.

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As part of our services we deliver the car to your premises of choice within the UK. Lately we have delivered cars in most major towns including the Southern cities & midlands: (BirminghamLondonLeicester), Northern cities ( LiverpoolManchesterSheffieldLeedsNewcastle), and Scottish cities (GlasgowEdinburgh)