There is more to a car than just the vehicle itself. There are numerous issues that go beyond the model itself that will ultimately impact what finance plan you go for. Amongst these is the use of a private registration plate, and whether they can be placed on vehicles depending on the terms and conditions of a particular finance plan. In this case, we are examining whether you can put a private registration plate on a car that has been financed via a hire purchase plan.

The simple answer is that you can use a private registration plate, but to do so, you will have to follow a number of steps in order to ensure that you meet the required protocol. The first thing that you would have to do is to contact the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), though it’s a step that would mainly be required if you have already used this registration plate on a previous vehicle and are looking to reuse it on your new, current motor. Either way, though, informing the DVLA would be the first key stage.

An important aspect to remember is that, under the terms of a hire purchase plan, you do not own the car; the word “hire” is key, especially in a situation such as this. The finance company with whom you have arranged the plan would be the owner of the vehicle, but of course you are the motorist. Consequently, you have to name the finance company as the nominee for the use of the private plate, and to register their details where required. It helps to inform the finance company about this prior to naming them as a nominee, though it is not a necessity.

From there you will be sent documentation by the DVLA that, upon completion, allows you to then fit the plates to the front and back of your car. Perhaps the most important point about the whole process, though, is what will happen when you no longer wish to drive the vehicle, or when the agreement ends and you move on from that car: you have to remove the plates! A failure to do so can lead to complications if you wish to use the same plates again on a future motor, as well as complicating the registration details for whoever the next driver of what would then be your old car is.

As you can see, though, by following these stages, you can indeed put a private registration plate onto a car financed by a hire purchase plan.

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