If somebody asked you to name a truly classic, vintage car manufacturer, one of the first that would come to mind would be the Cadillac. It is a brand that everybody has heard of, and it’s also the sort of car that everybody would wish to own someday. But the Cadillac can come in many forms, as we learned when the company launched its full-size luxury SUV vehicle the Escalade back in 1999. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the Cadillac Escalade, along with a note about the best deal we currently have for the vehicle.

So, we are currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of the series, though we were introduced to the new, fourth-generation version of the Escalade back in 2015. As you might imagine, the Escalade is a sturdy, strong, high-horsepower motor, with a large bodywork that gives it a feeling of real dominance on the road. It is the sort of car that you can’t help but notice, mixing a traditional SUV exterior with some modern design features, and all with the seal of approval that comes from the Cadillac name.


But while people may be attracted to the fact that it is a Cadillac, they will be drawn more to its sheer size and weight. It is a heavy car, one that can hold a large amount which is ideal if you are heading for a camping trip or a holiday within the UK. It also prioritises safety, which is always a crucial element of any vehicle, and it has settings for Tour and Sport which have an impact upon the driving and passenger experience. Some may be taken aback by the noise of the car when revving up, and some may be expecting a little more innovation when it comes to the feature set, but judging it as a whole, the Cadillac Escalade manages to execute a lot of things very well, making it a highly efficient SUV motor.


As far as an eye-catching deal for the Cadillac Escalade on finance, we have one such option that should be to your liking. It comes from towards the end of the second generation, as it is a 2004 registration vehicle, coming in a suitably striking black bodywork, and it is extremely experienced having driven up a whopping 94,000 miles over the past 15 years. The car has a 5400 engine, and it runs on petrol with automatic transmission. It’s a formidable machine, and it can be bought today for the knock-down price of £44 per week, so it’s as good a time as any to consider purchasing a Cadillac Escalade.


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