The BMW i8 is one of the more recent electrical car offerings from the manufacturer, having first hit the market back in 2014. It is a two-body vehicle, coming in both a coupé and a roadster style, and the sleek vehicle is still in the midst of its first generation, though an update is likely to come within the next couple of years. It has been quite a hit in the UK, with Britain serving as the biggest market on a global basis for the range (it sold out two weeks after being launched and was followed by an incredible ten-month waiting list).


Therefore, it’s more than worth our time for us to take a closer look at the BMW i8 in today’s article. It is very nice to look at, feeling very futuristic and sporty, almost like a vehicle of a generation yet to come, despite it having been on the market now for five years. It also has a wide variety of options for the bodywork colours, meaning that you can pick out a version of the i8 that matches your personality, and its sleek design makes it more intimate and cosy for both the driver and for any passengers on board.

In terms of performance, the i8 is capable of many things. It can reach 75 miles purely on its electric power, and it can drive up to 330 miles before requiring a recharge, which is an outstanding figure for any electrical vehicle today, never mind when it was launched back in 2014. It is also a very light car in terms of its weight, coming in at 1.535 kg for the coupe version and around 1.600 kg for the roadster alternative. This allows it to reach maximum speeds in minimal time, and all with the emphasis on a smooth and comfortable ride.


The BMW i8 has picked up plenty of major awards during its lifespan, even dating back to when it was merely a concept at the beginning of the decade. This includes the highly-coveted Car Of The Year award from Top Gear magazine back in 2014, the year of its launch. And it remains highly-popular and strongly-lauded to this day, five years on from when it first became available to drivers. Given the ever-evolving technology within the automotive world, and the fact that the i8 was a game-changer when it first arrived on the scene, one can only wonder how potential future updates of this series will innovate and excite in equal measure, but for now, the BMW i8 is one of the absolute best electric cars that you will find.

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