The BMW i3 is a hatchback vehicle that operates on electric power, and it was first launched back in 2013. There have been minor adjustments to the i3 in recent years, but we are officially still in the first generation for this model, and this means that we should probably expect a full redesign for the series in 2020 or 2021. In the meantime, though, let’s take a closer look at the driving experience that the BMW i3 delivers as of this writing.

First of all, as it is an electric car, it stands to reason that it hasn’t quite reached the level of demand that a more traditional vehicle would achieve, but it has still proven to be very popular nonetheless. Earlier this decade, shortly after its launch, the i3 ranked in the top three best-selling electric cars on a global basis, and it has achieved particularly strong growth in the U.S. market. So, if you are looking for an electric car that is leading the way and has built up a strong following, few options are better than the i3.


What’s more, the i3 manages to reach peak mileage in limited time, taking little more than 7 seconds to get you from 0 to 60. As an electric car, it requires charging to reach maximum capacity, and when it does, the vehicle can drive over 160 miles before it needs to be recharged. That being said, it has been suggested that the more powerful versions of the i3 have the ability to reach 170 miles, even 180 miles, prior to a recharge. Either way, you can get plenty of drive time in one power-up from the i3.

Elsewhere, the i3 has a four-star safety rating, making it one of the most secure electrical vehicles available. It takes around 30 minutes for a rapid charge, while a fast charge tends to take around three hours to reach 100%. And it also has complete online functionality, which adds to this appeal of this electric car, as well as enhancing the belief that this is a forward-thinking vehicle designed to encourage innovation. On the whole, then, the i3 is a fine addition to the BMW family, and as we have noted, it has been on the market for six years already. Therefore, while it is a very nice electric vehicle right now, the inevitable second-generation update is likely to be even more of a difference-maker for motorists.

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