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BMW 6 Series Finance Packages

BMW 6 Series Car Finance

At Accept Car Finance, you will find many different finance options for used BMW 6 Series vehicles, but the most popular plan with our customers is the Hire Purchase.

BMW 6 Series Hire Purchase

  • Pay a fixed amount for a fixed number of months
  • No limit on the mileage
  • You own your BMW 6 Series car after the final payment.

BMW 6 Series Facts

  • Style: Mid-size Luxury Car
  • Introduced: 1976
  • Generations: Four

BMW 6 Series Talking Points

Driving: The 6 Series was designed as a grand tourer, and therefore, engineered for long distance travelling and high speed and also offers a lot of luxury attributes. These two features are perhaps the most welcome aspect of the BMW 6 series.

Advanced Technology: The 6 Series BMW has an wide range of technology features to enhance your driving experience. Most of the controls are touching distance and as such making driving experience enjoyable.

Interior: Inside, the 6 Series goes par with Audi in terms of finishing. As it looks outside, huge so is the inside with decent space for passengers and also the boot size is pretty big to store your luggage.

Performance: The latest 6 series are powered by V8 engines and as such ruddy impressive and support the fact that you will like this on long distance travel.

BMW 6 Series Trim Range

  1. SE
  2. Sport
  3. M Sport

Select which BMW 6 Series model you are interested in by clicking on the model above or if you can't see the car you are interested in click 'View all 6 Series models'.

BMW 6 Series Price Range

Our finance plans for the Audi A6 start at £49 per week, with the newest models coming in at £81 per week.