In recent articles, we have focused on relatively recent ranges such as the BMW 2 Series and BMW 4 Series models. Here, though, we’re taking a look at one of BMW’s longest-running and most well-established ranges, the BMW 5 Series. It first hit the market in 1972, and it has undergone many changes in the decades since, while remaining at the very top of wishlists for car-lovers the world over. Its seventh generation began just last year, meaning that the BMW 5 Series will still be a major part of the automotive market for a long time to come. As such, we have some cracking car finance deals for the BMW 5 Series, and we’ve decided to spotlight some of them here.


Firstly, there is a 2015 registration car, coming in a navy blue bodywork that enhances the tough, powerful feel that the vehicle emits. This is backed up by its engine, in this case a 2979. It has a mileage so far of a not-inconsiderate 26,000, which makes it efficient and experienced without feeling overused. It runs on petrol with automatic transmission, and it is available now for £115 per week, which is certainly a good price for a car that is relatively new.


There are more recent vehicles on offer, though. A 2016 registration model from the BMW 5 Series has a glossy white bodywork, making it feel clean and fresh in line with the updated status of the car as a whole. It has a 1995 engine with a mileage so far of 21,000. Running on diesel power with automatic transmission, the car is currently on offer as part of a finance plan for only £94 per week, representing tremendous value considering that this is one of the final iterations of the previous, sixth generation.


We’re finishing off with a slightly older car for great value. This would be a 2014 registration vehicle from the BMW 5 Series on finance, coming in a suitably intimidating black bodywork. Though it is four years old, it only has a mileage thus far of 49,000, so the vehicle has plenty of life left. This car also has a 1995 engine, and it too runs on diesel power with manual transmission. The price is what leaves the lasting impression, though, as it can be bought for just £81 per week, which is a superb cost and a potentially great way to add your first BMW 5 Series to your collection.

As you can see, then, we are spoiled for choice on some amazing 5 Series deals!

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