You may have come across the term “0% finance” when it comes to reading up on the car finance plans that are available on the market. Today, we will delve further into this subject, as well as specifically focusing on BMW, a manufacturer for whom we have 0% finance plans available, and why they could be just what you need when it comes to purchasing your next vehicle.

Let’s define what 0% finance means, because it may not be what you initially think. Indeed, “0% finance” stands for zero interest finance, meaning that whatever the total amount is that a vehicle costs, there will not be any added interest on the deal. This means that if a car costs, say, £10,000, but there is zero interest involved, then the vehicle price is just that: £10,000. In a situation where interest is included, the total cost might go up to £10,500, or £11,000, or possibly even more. Of course, this will depend on what finance plan you go for, as some will require interest and others will not.

From there, then, consider the main benefit of a 0% finance deal besides the fact that you are saving money. It means that whatever the monthly price is stated to be, that is exactly what it will be; if you had to add interest onto your monthly payments, the projected figure (on which you may have based your budgets for the coming months and years) could increase significantly enough that you suddenly find that you may have to cut corners elsewhere. Not having to worry about this makes 0% finance a major benefit for drivers.

And now let’s consider why BMW 0% finance in particular is eye-catching for motorists. BMW cars are generally classed to be amongst the very best that you will find anywhere, given the high reputation of the manufacturer and the superb driving experiences and feature sets that come with their fleet of vehicles. It’s easy to assume that this will mean you having to pay out serious money to own a BMW model, but even when you put aside the discounts that we have on BMW motors, having a 0% finance deal for a BMW vehicle means that you will not have to pay as much money to own the car of your dreams. Indeed, it means that you may suddenly be able to purchase such a vehicle, so if you’re a big BMW fan or if you’ve always wanted to buy one of their vehicles, 0% finance may be the pathway to making this a reality.

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