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  • Getting Car Finance When You Are Claiming Benefits

    07/12/2016 13:26:31

    Being on benefits can put you in an awkward position as far as transport is concerned. You will probably need a vehicle for the same reasons as everyone else: it is an incredibly useful thing to have when you are running errands, visiting relatives, or looking for and going to work. The cost of public transport can mount up over time and it is often far more affordable when you are in a tricky

  • What Young Drivers Need To Do To Get Student Car Finance

    07/12/2016 13:04:00

    As a student, the importance of having a car can often be overlooked. It makes commuting between your university accommodation and your home far more convenient. You may also want to visit friends at other campuses, and you may need to drive to internships or work placements that are part of your course. But there is one small problem that every student will be familiar with: it costs a lot of

  • Drivers waste 1,500 days a year due to breakdowns

    25/08/2016 16:08:06

    BRITISH drivers waste 1,500 days a year stuck on the side of a road due to a car breakdown.

    Ahead of the August bank holiday weekend, breakdown cover provider Green Flag reveals that there will be an expected 39,548 breakdowns on Britain's roads over the break.

    The biggest cause of breakdowns will be flat and faulty batteries (8,771),

  • Kings of driveway kudos!

    24/08/2016 12:14:24

    WE’RE kings of the driveway kudos!

    Check out our vast range of German stars with Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Volkswagen models.

    Not only are they the best used deals in the UK but also no deposit and nothing to pay for six months.

    So what is stopping you!

    Here’s our top five:


  • Estate of the art at Accept

    17/08/2016 12:11:14

    LOVING all the cycling in the Olympics?

    Well if you fancy getting back on two wheels - you’ll need a new set of four wheels to be practical enough.

    The road racing cycling teams for Tour de France rely on their fast estates - and we’ve got loads at Accept.

    The days of estate cars being boring greenhouses on w

  • Best time to buy a 4x4 at Accept

    16/08/2016 18:45:38

    THINKING of winter yet?

    OK not a nice thought, especially with summer not officially over!

    But this is the best time to buy a 4x4 for when the weather does turn nasty towards the end of the year.

    Here at Accept we have a huge range of over 50 SUVs of all shapes and sizes raring to go for when the temperatures plunge.

    Read the full blog story

  • Car for less than a BBQ!

    18/07/2016 11:38:10

    OH yes summer is here at last!

    We can hear your brains ticking about BBQs and beer gardens already.

    But just think, for less than the cost of doing a barbie at home, you can get a brand new car from

  • Car finance for the armed forces

    21/06/2016 10:15:46

    car finance armed forces

    Being posted or deployed overseas, or being housed in a series of ever-changing barracks or naval addresses, are familiar circumstances to members of the armed forces. No families are better equipped at the whole process of

  • England 6 Wales Accept

    06/07/2016 08:41:50

    ENGLAND expects? No get England at Accept.

    It's the biggie: England v Wales in Euro 2016.

    But if you want a real English winner today - give Accept Car Finance a call and net a brilliant St George four-wheeled star.

    Forget Rooney, Vardy and Kane…these striking Jags and Range Rovers should be your goal today.

  • Dave Chisnall joins Accept Car Finance

    12/06/2016 11:01:11

    CHIZZY RASCAL joins Accept Car Finance!

    World No.9 Dave Chisnall links up with the UK's top car finance firm just as he's about to go to China for the latest leg of the World Series.

    Chizzy plays Stephen Bunting today (Sunday) in the Austrian Darts Open and admits tha

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