By definition, a crossover car (also known as a crossover utility vehicle, or CUV) is one that is built on a unibody car platform mixing aspects of a SUV with those of a typical passenger car. Crossover cars are very popular right now, and so today we’re spotlighting some of the best crossover cars on the market at this moment.


We begin with the Volvo XC40. This is a very recent edition to be launched, having only been unveiled back in September 2017 and going on sale for the first time earlier this year. This five-door vehicle was named Car Of The Year by What Car? magazine, as well as being named European Car Of The Year at the Geneva Motor Show, endorsements that are as good as any that you’re going to find! Indeed, it has received highly positive acclaim so far, and being so new, it provides a driving experience that has not only gone down very well with drivers, but is something different and refreshing. It’s still early days for this series, but it has already made a big impact, and so if you’re looking for a great crossover car to drive, then they don’t come much better right now than the Volvo XC40.


If you’re still looking for something different in a crossover car, though, then we suggest the Peugeot 3008. In contrast to the brand new feel of the Volvo XC40, the Peugeot 3008 is much more established, having first left the production line back in 2008. In the decade since, this model has proven to be consistent, reliable, efficient, effective and everything else that you would want in a crossover car, making it a big hit for Peugeot. Its second generation offering in 2016 came with increased features and enhancements, and so it’s good a time as any to consider buying the Peugeot 3008.


But if you still want to keep your options open, then how about the Toyota C-HR? The Japanese manufacturer launched this range not too long ago, with the car hitting the road back in November 2016, meaning that it is just now celebrating its two-year anniversary. The general exterior feels tough and intimidating, adding a real edge to the vehicle, and it is packed with features that, harking back to an earlier point, make it quite the combination of SUV and regular passenger vehicle. It’s proven to be a hit with drivers, and being that it’s still relatively new, its best days are yet to come, but the best time to buy this vehicle could be now!

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