Whisper it as softly as you can, but we are not that far off the winter season. Indeed, the sky is already getting darker a little bit earlier, and the temperatures are ever-so-slowly beginning to drop. This inevitably means that we will be facing challenging weather conditions in the coming months, and perhaps the two which cause the greatest amount of concern for drivers are snow and ice. That’s why it is imperative to have a car that can handle each, and so we will be spotlighting which cars are most suitable to drive in both snow and ice.

To begin with, we have got the Porsche Macan. If you are travelling through tough road surface materials, then you will need a large-scale vehicle that is easy to maintain tight control at the wheel, which is what the Porsche Macan offers in abundance. If you wish to buy the Macan ahead of the 2019/20 winter season, we have got a deal for a 2016 registration vehicle that comes in a white bodywork (fittingly based on the snow and ice that it would be combating). It has clocked up 39,000 miles so far and it has a 2967 engine. It runs on diesel power with semi-automatic transmission, and it can be bought now for £150 per week, or £600 per month.

Next up, we have got a car that we have discussed many times on the website, but is nevertheless highly capable of driving through just about any adverse weather conditions, that being the Range Rover. We have currently got a fine finance plan available for a 2010 registration version of the Range Rover, which also has a white bodywork and has driven up 61,000 miles as of this writing. The car has a 4999cc engine and it runs on petrol with automatic transmission, and the price for this model is £96 per week, or £484 per month.

There are two other particularly strong motors that we want to mention in this article. One of those is the Kia Sportage, which takes the concept of the bulky SUV and provides a sporty flair that enhances its value and general driving experience, with a finance plan being as low as £42 per week, or £168 per month, for a 2013 registration vehicle. The Mercedes have proved themselves with the GLE version and you can get one at Rix Motors for as low as £100 per week. And then there is the Nissan Qashqai, the subject of a previous article but a model which we have to recall here for its capabilities in tackling snow and ice; we have a 2016 registration Qashqai available now for only £58 per week, or £232 per month, if you wish to have your winter vehicle in your collection as soon as possible.

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