When does a car serve the purpose of assisting with another mode of transport? Well, when it also offers a bike rack, that’s when! Whether the bike rack is already built in or whether you buy it at a later date, it is very important for cyclists who also drive to have a car that allows for their bike to be stored and taken to another destination for obvious reasons. Indeed, this is a genuinely crucial factor for drivers/cyclists when deciding what car they wish to purchase. As you might imagine, though, there are some vehicles that are renowned for possessing this feature, and so we’ve spotlighted some of the best cars that offer bike racks today.


The first model that we’ve spotted is the Skoda Superb, and in terms of functionality and its feature set, that’s quite the appropriate name! This compact executive offering from Skoda first launched in 2001, and has built up a strong reputation amongst motorists in the seventeen years since. In this case, though, it is the option for an internal bike rack that makes this a winner, and it also underlines that people don’t just want a car with a bike rack; they want a car that is a fantastic piece of kit on its own merit, so the fact that it also offers a bike rack is not only the icing on the cake, but a vital aspect that swings customers towards making a purchase.


Next up, we have the Mercedes Benz E-Class Estate. We have covered this estate car from the manufacturing giant in the past, and we have outlined its level of prestige and focus on delivering the best, most immersive driving experience possible. What we haven’t previously covered are the various options for bike racks that this motor has, which include roof mounting, tow bar mounting and rear mounting. The option that you go for will be determined by the bike that you have, and also how you wish for the bike rack to impact your time behind the wheel from the standpoint of limiting any distraction. The choice is yours, but there is plenty of choice for bike rack options when it comes to the E-Class Estate.


We’ll finish off with the Vauxhall Corsa. As with the E-Class Estate, this already has quite the strong reputation with drivers, and is one of the most popular car ranges that you will find anywhere in the UK. Indeed, it’s arguably Vauxhall’s biggest series. But the Corsa also now offers a very snazzy and forward-thinking built-in bike rack, as demonstrated in a series of TV advertisements that have aired over the past 12 months. So, you’ve got a car that’s already a great overall package, and now you have this option for cyclists? It’s no wonder that the Corsa has achieved such success, and will continue to do so even more amongst those who ride bikes.

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