Get the Right Car Finance Deal even with Bad Credit Score

If you are looking for car finance but your credit history is giving you a headache, Accept Car Finance vehicle finance specialist team can still help you get on the road. Bad credit car finance is essentially the same as any other type of car finance, therefore, having bad or non-existent credit doesn’t mean you can’t get finance since we consider your current situation and how affordable car finance is for you.

Thankfully there are now many options available to people who have limited funds and a poor credit score.
To get things started, you first need to complete our simple online application form. We do an initial soft search so this shouldn’t affect your credit file and will help us see if you are likely to get finance. Once we have successfully processed your car finance application we will contact you to explain the options available and to provide an indication of the monthly payments.

Who can get bad credit car finance?

If you meet the below criteria then we can arrange car finance regardless of a poor credit score.

>> Proof of affordability and repayments
>> You are not Bankrupt
>> Hold a driving licence (Full or provisional)
>> Have lived in UK for atleast 1 year??
>> +18 years old

What to do Next:

Applying through Accept Car Finance is as easy as following this 4 easy step.

1. Apply Online
2. Get decision
3. Choose car
4. Sign & Drive

If you do choose to apply with us, we provide a no obligation quote if approved. Please make an application when you are ready.

Factors that affect credit score


1. Get on the Electoral register
2. Staying on same address for long
3. Get 1 credit card (use it wisely and make a habit to use it for small affordable amounts)
4. Open an account and pay bills from it
5. Make payments on time


1. Missing or Falling behind payments
2. Pay day loans
3. No Credit
4. Moving addresses regularly

** As with all financing option, bad credit car finance comes with risks. if you cannot keep up with repayments your car is at risk of being repossesed and this will affect you file and lower your credit score.