The Audi TT is one of the manufacturer’s more unique car ranges and can be a great Christmas present for a loved one. The two-door sports car is designed to keep things very simple, primarily focusing on a driving performance that is high-energy and high-quality, with a sleek design and the main purpose of delivering an easy, smooth and fast experience for the more sport-minded driver. The TT first launched in 1998, and we’re now four years into the third generation. While longtime fans of the TT during its 20-year lifespan begin to think about what the fourth-gen model might provide (likely to launch around 2021-2022), we have got some brilliant car finance deals for those looking to add a TT to their collection today, and we’ve picked out three of the best below.


Firstly, we’ve chosen a 2016 registration Audi TT that sports a refreshing white exterior to add to the cool vibes emitted by this motor. It has only driven 9,000 miles so far, meaning that it has far from reached maximum capacity, and it comes with a 1798 engine. The car runs on petrol with manual transmission, adding a more traditional feel to a model that comes across as modern and technological, and this particular version of the TT is available right now for any interested drivers for £106 per week.


Secondly, we’re looking at a 2015 registration TT model on car finance. This one is amongst the earlier entries from the current third generation, which began one year earlier, but it’s far from overused with a mileage of around 23,000 to date. It also has a striking black bodywork to make the relatively small vehicle feel like a powerhouse on the road, and it has a suitably strong 1984 engine as well. This TT motor runs on petrol with manual transmission, and if you wish to buy this car today, you can do so for £102 per week, a slight decrease from our previous example.


Lastly, the spotlight shines on an Audi TT that has a price level below three figures a week. It’s also a 2015 registration car, this time coming in an appropriately sporty red bodywork, and it too boasts a 1984 engine. It has a slightly smaller mileage so far of 20,000, and it is well up to the task of being driven up and down the roads as soon as you get behind the wheel! Again, this car runs on petrol with manual transmission, and from a pricing standpoint, it provides the best value of all at only £94 per week, which is more impressive still when you consider that the car is only three years from leaving the production line, and it is a representation of a car generation that is still ongoing, and will be for some time to come.

If the Audi TT has caught your eye, then, you can read more about our exclusive finance plans for this range by visiting our audi stock page. Over 95% of our stock can be acquired on a no deposit finance deal with unbeatable low rates. Want to know more? Call us on 01925 599079.

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