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Audi Q5 Car Finance

At Accept Car Finance, you will find many different finance options for Audi Q5 vehicles, but the most popular plan with our customers is the Hire Purchase.

Audi Q5 Hire Purchase

  • Pay a fixed amount for a fixed number of months
  • No limit on the mileage
  • You own your Audi Q5 car after the final payment.

Audi Q5 Facts

  • Style: Compact Luxury Crossover SUV
  • Introduced: 2009
  • Generations: Two

Audi Q5 Talking Points

Size: The first thing you will notice about the Audi Q5 is its size. It isn't overly-large so as to be intimidating, but it is also big enough to hold its own on the road, and to provide the driver with an extra feeling of strength and control.

Power: As you would expect from an SUV, the Audi Q5 is a dominant machine that boasts 40, 45, 50 and 55 Quattro engines depending on your selection, all of which make this a powerhouse to drive around in. This also makes it a bonus for anyone who plans to drive through tougher road conditions.

Legroom: If you happen to go for the long wheelbase variation of the Audi Q5 (which is a slight update on the current, second-gen model), you will benefit from almost 25% additional legroom, which comes from 88 millimetres of additional space added by Audi's production team.

Speed: The Audi Q5 is capable of reaching high speeds rather quickly, but crucially it manages to do so without compromising control or sound. Indeed, it is very easy to manage the Q5 at its fastest pace, and it still retains a level of serenity and quiet even when it is firing up to maximum speeds.

Performance: Of course, performance is what really counts, and the Audi Q5 is highly regarded for delivering a fantastic all-round driving experience. From flawless wheel turns to smooth brakes to soft pedals, the Q5 manages to tick a lot of boxes, which earned it such plaudits as a five-star rating from What Car.

Audi Q5 Trim Range

  1. Sport
  2. S-Line
  3. Black Edition
  4. Vorsprung

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Audi Q5 Price Range

Our finance plans for the Audi Q5 start at £100 per week, with the newest models coming in at £125 per week.