The Audi Q3 has made some major waves since it was officially launched back in 2011. It has become one of the leading motors when it comes to subcompact crossover SUVs, and with some luxury interior and exterior features to boot. There have been numerous mid-generation updates, and the official second generation iteration for the Audi Q3 was unveiled just a couple of months ago. With interest in the Q3 at a high level, now is as good a time as any to consider adding such a car to your collection, so we’ve picked out some of the best deals that are currently available below.


We begin with a deal for a 2015 registration Audi Q3 in a light blue bodywork that shines and gleams as if it has just left the showroom! Coming with a 1968 engine, this vehicle only has 30,000 miles used up until this point, not bad for a motor  that has been around for three years. This particular Q3 runs on diesel power with semi-automatic transmission, and it’s available at present for around £104 per week.


This is a very reasonable finance plan for a relatively recent Audi Q3, but if you’re looking for an alternative, then we recommend the deal that we have for another 2015 registration Q3 that is in a charcoal grey bodywork. Again, this has a 1968 engine, and it also runs on diesel power with semi-automatic transmission, but this has a larger used mileage to this point of approximately 52,000. It is this increased mileage that allows the price to drop somewhat, meaning that the car can be yours now for only £94 per week.


We’ll round things off with this used Audi Q3 on finance vehicle that is slightly older but brings the overall price down as a result. It’s a 2014 registration vehicle, with a smooth and sleek black bodywork. Its mileage is only 31,000, which may be a surprise when you think that it has been hitting the roads for over four years as of this writing. The car also has a 1968 engine, and it runs on diesel power albeit with manual transmission in this case. The best part about this vehicle is the cracking price: it’s only £73 per week, which is terrific value considering the power and the driving experience that this motor provides.

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