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Audi A6 Car Finance

At Accept Car Finance, you will find many different finance options for Audi A6 vehicles, but the most popular plan with our customers is the Hire Purchase.

Audi A6 Hire Purchase

  • Pay a fixed amount for a fixed number of months
  • No limit on the mileage
  • You own your Audi A6 car after the final payment.

Audi A6 Facts

  • Style: Executive Car
  • Introduced: 1994
  • Generations: Eight

Audi A6 Talking Points

Advanced Technology: Intuitive and advanced, the A6 has an wide range of technology features to enhance your driving experience. It has a super smooth start/stop that kicks in when you drop below 14mph and restarts when it senses the car ahead has moved off.

Silence: The A6 is superbly quiet and perhaps the most welcome aspect of the Audi A6. For a vehicle packed with options and with plenty to shout about, it instead chooses to keep the noise down, resulting in you feeling incredibly relaxed when you are inside the car. This alone makes the model one to strongly consider and you would question why you'd spend extra on bigger cars in the same class.

Continuation: Part of the reason for that is because Audi have not gone back to the drawing board with the latest A6, instead largely sticking with what worked for the first generation. The newer models are getting better driving experience with better suspensions and is more agile than it predecessors.

Interior: Inside the car is where the Audi A6 really shines. Standard seats come in leather upholstery and the media system is one of the best in the audi range offering great acoustic feedback. In general, everything has been designed to meticulous effect, from the feature set to the seats to the storage space provided. No stone is left unturned to ensure that those sitting inside the A6 are able to enjoy their experience of driving and travelling in the car.

Performance: It comes with a minimum 7 speed gearbox and if you go for the top spec engine (50 TDI quattro) you wont be disappointed as its 8 speed tiptronic engine will smoothly take you wherever you want. It brings multitalent in the luxury class i.e. digitalisation, comfort and sportiness.

Audi A6 Trim Range

  1. Sport
  2. S-Line
  3. Black Edition

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Audi A6 Price Range

Our finance plans for the Audi A6 start at £42 per week, with the newest models coming in at £81 per week.