For many years now, one of the leading car ranges has been the A-Class from Mercedes-Benz. For a company that has so much prestige and a huge number of fans, the A-Class is one of the very top series for the German manufacturer, and therefore we’re happy to say that, here at Accept Car Finance, we have a plethora of great car finance plans for the A-Class, all without you having to pay any deposits whatsoever. We have outlined some of these here today.


Firstly, we have a fine deal for a very recent version of the A-Class on no deposit car finance. It’s a 2016 registration car, and it comes with a shiny and colourful blue bodywork. It only has 12,000 miles on the clock so far, adding to that fresh and new feel to the motor; it has a 1991 engine; and it runs on petrol with automatic transmission. The car has a clean feel to it, a sporty vibe, and it generally stands out amongst other vehicles on the road, adding to the appeal of this particular model. It is currently available for £127 per week.


Secondly, if the blue colour scheme isn’t to your taste, how about going for a more autumnal green bodywork? This is also a 2016 registration model, and it actually has fewer miles used up to this point, with the existing total being 9,000. This version of the A-Class has a 2143 engine, and it runs on diesel power with semi-automatic transmission. It is a more cost-efficient deal for this range as well, coming in at only £90 per week.


Finally, we have a truly great deal for the A-Class. Again, it’s a 2016 registration car, and this time it comes in a sturdy and intimidating black bodywork. It is relatively new, yet it’s still surprising that it has only driven up 6,000 miles as of this writing, making it as good as a car that has just come off the production line. As well as this, the vehicle comes with a 1461 engine, and it runs on diesel power with manual transmission. This version of the A-Class has the most eye-catching price, being on the market at present for just £77 per week, which is astonishing value for one of the most popular ranges in the whole UK.

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